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Friday, December 10, 2010

Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah s.w.t, The Most Gracious and Graceful,since He let us to live and breath until now, so we may realize how He loves us. As His servant, the most precious prizes among all His rizq's are islam and iman. So, do praise to Allah s.w.t for all his guidance. Yes, and as His servant, I will always be grateful for each of second pass by. InsyaALLAH.

Let's us to have some sincere heart talk here? This topic should be interesting since it involves of heart, it's synonym with a feel called "Love". So, are you ready? Actually, to be love and loving someone are natural tendency of human. If we have a deep thinking about this, why thus we have to need each other? Ar-Rijal(Mens) need An-Nisa(Women). Why just we can live in this world by ourselves? Actually, it's just to easy.

"Allah creates Eva(Hawa) from left ribs of Adam as his life's partner in Paradise". Even the first human created by Allah s.w.t felt so lonely in Paradise, so how can we say not need them in this "JUST WORLD?". Same goes to me, I do feel love. Yet, i do need love. But, what kind of love that i need? Do i need some care from Nisa before i get marry? And how is Nisa be to me? I love to share with all you some quote to all of you

"If you love a Nisa, it's not to be in love with her, but pray for her so she can be in love with Allah"

As a servant and his creations, we realize that we just proprietorship of Allah. Every inch of our body are His lend. So, as servant, we have to act as servant. We do believe in Allah's power, though we never see Him, and as Muslim we are clearly advise in first principle of Iman which is believe in Allah s.w.t. Back to the quote, how can that be? Honestly, i'm grateful to Allah s.w.t since He gives me idea of this. It's normal for us to love and be in love, just we have to follow a rule of Allah. Me either, not exceptional from this wonderful fortune. I do like someone, but do i need to follow a "couple" method nowadays? The answer is definitely "NO"!! Simple, I'm not dare to against His order, since i'm just a servant. Nowadays, lots of couples (so not marry couple) are acting like there are marry. Most common act such as holding hands, hug, and other "so call love" irritating act. *Feel sad...... "If you love a Nisa, it's not to be in love with her,..."

Rijal, do you love someone?
Yes, i do. I do adore her, since she was pretty, kind, loving, caring etc (too much to describe)

So,how gonna you can get to know them?
Simple. Islam has taught me a very simple method. Remember of Allah's notification in Quran:-
"Don't ever close to adultery" -QS Al-Isra:100-

So, even we close to heart adultery is prohibited, then how about involves body? Hmm, i'm felt so sad and regret, hoping someday Ar-Rijal may realize a preciousness of An-Nisa. I've realized, and i've set my mind that an only way is following islamic method. Islam just too wonderful, even to meet and date with someone, there also a method.

They must get along with the conditions of maintaining the specified limits of Islamic law decking themselves, not the two-pair unless accompanied by a mahram
So,if you want to meet each others, please ensure you are accompanied by family. The boon of this method is to make us aware to care of our commingling. And, i prefer for us not to messaging and calling them to frequent, since it surely raise our "Feel". Please be aware about it. It's really dangerous. Simple, just ask for important matters, the Do's and Don't:-

Do's : When we can taaruf(knowing)?If you will, just inform me. I'll set time and date so we can meet each other, but accompanied by our family members. InsyaALLAH.

Don't s: When we can date each other? I feel so in deeply love with you. I'm wander of missing you. 1.2.3. Sweetheart, what do you eat today? (-_-)

I'm hoping this entry will give some review to all of you when involves love. I'm not saying i'm good, but i'm just a servant of Him in a way to be good. Do advise me when i do wrong and mistakes, since human are not capable to away from it. InsyaALLAH, this changes i've intend just from Him, and ended with

May we see again
Shah Redza Rosli.

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