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Sunday, January 22, 2012


Alhamdulillah, since today(22 January 2012), it's been 3 weeks for me as teacher. Who expect me to be teacher? Neither me myself didn't expect to be so. Oh, seriously, being a teacher of secondary students are full of excitement and challenges. In first place, i've put myself to be a Muallim @Al-Amin Bangi. But since Allah's plan is better, now i'm serve @Sri Ayesha Islamic School, Bangi.

Honestly, i really don't know this school existed. Since my naqib told me to applied there, i've tried and alhamdulillah, i've got the post. The first time i reached @Sri Ayesha, i felt like i'm in another world. Seriously, the atmosphere of islam were so strong, and it's really spark my interest to know Sri Ayesha's deeper. During interview session, Mr Fauzi (President and Founder of Sri Ayesha) had brief me that this school have been operated for over 13 years! I was surprised, and of course i showed some weird face.haha~~Having Puan Azizah as Principal really made my day up. This is my first time meet a principal fully body covered with niqab (purdah)

When i flashed my school's moments, every day just felt like the same. I'm kept on repeating the same routine, holding a bag full of heavy books, waiting for my ayah to fetch, and so on. Began a day with Negaraku, Rukun Negara,lala~~ all about nationalism, did made my days passed so dull and grumpy. But here in Sri Ayesha, everyday were differences. Let's have some view for below statement:-
-Begin our day with asmaul-husna, negaraku,ruhul jadid, caliph oath, tazkirah, etc.

I never felt such event during my school's period. Oh, how glad this student's are? I'm so deeply in jealousy with them. It's not i'm being ungrateful, but this just to express how lucky are they. Growing in such islamic atmosphere, insyaALLAH will do a great impact toward their future.

Lets have a view of my students?hoho~~
Oh, i do teach math (Form 2, 4 and 5) and Geography (Form 1). I began this career officially on 13 December 2011. I've been in training, get to know other teachers, and yet, they are so happening and kind. Some of them look like their age, but their inner side just so young. perhaps younger than me! hihi..
4 January 2012, a first day i began my moment. I was shivering, worried, and curious to begin my first class. Alhamdulillah, all praise just for Allah, He made my day easier. I've met my Ghifari's (since i'm class teacher). Ghifari's consists of 11 members which are Luqman, Eri, Uzair, Irfan, Al-Qays, Zaim, Umar Abdul Aziz, Azim, Hazim, Ikhwan and Syed Ahmad. They are really energetic, full of confidences, and dare to speak. They all differ from me back then. I was impressed, and of course i'm hoping i can a best teacher for them. InsyaALLAH.

Some of them are natural speaker. They can speak without nervous, and fluently in english. It's really gave me a challenges,hoping so they won't debate with me during my teaching period. huhu.. eventually, they can hear me. But, the atmosphere was difference in Khadeeja (Form 2 Muslimat). They are eager for facts, "Sir, why it has to be like this,that?etc". Some time i felt "Aiya, so many question oh..haha". Yeh, that's the challenges i have to face mostly everyday. Things differently happened in Balqis. I just feel like alien when i step on Balqis (form 1-Muslimat). They all keep glare and stare differently to me. The moment i stood up in front of them, i can feel an "alien signal sight" from them. To release such feel, i've introduced myself and asked them to do so. 

Form 4(Al-FArabi), just done with their PMR. Some of them doing good, and most of them did averagely. I ask them to do a letter of expectation, and some presentation of themselves for sure. The same thing happened, women dominates the class. Oh, i forgot to mention. In Sri Ayesha, they separated classes of muslimin and muslimat, from a way to class, until a location in the class. The separation applied from form 1 to 3, and mixed from form 4 and 5 since they are only few numbers of them.Oh yes, the seniors of Sri Ayesha which is ---Ar-Razi---. They all have a potential to be leader, and most of them are actives! We have Karim as Head Of Prefect, Raihan as Deputy Head of Prefect, Syed as President of Debate club, and such numbers of candidates for SRC's elections such as Zuddin, Labiib, Amin, and Syuhada.

All of them just too cool and awesome. I'm hoping i can be someone for them, purposely not just as a teacher, but as a big brother, well not so old big brother.hihi.. As i still have an opportunity in life, i hope my presence can shape them toward a better islamic view, and its all about a role of vicegerent and slave of Allah.

InsyaALLAH. May Allah let me to do so. Amin Ya Rabb.


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