Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Curse of Photography
Photography.A new hobby of mine..I'm starting to love this hobby since i try my friend's DSLR. Wah, it just too fascinating and exciting. I begin this hobby with Nikon D40,such a basic DSLR camera. For all beginner, i suggest for you to use this model, since it's the cheapest one. hehe..
There is funny things happened during my first photoshoot, the location is at KLIA. Me and all my friend went to KLIA to see our friends, Farah,Aimi, Murshid, Ikhwan and Fizi flew to France for further their studies. There, i was too excited and just take a shoot without knowing any basics of photoshoot such as aperture, ISO, Shutter Speed, ETC. And i quite arrogant, not using automatic mode. haha.. Yes, i do have a worse photoshot ever. Most of the pictures shaking, too much of light,blurry,and... Frankly, handphone pictures better than my first photoshoot!haha..
I get my lesson, the i do get a complain from my classmates. They said "Shah,kamera hp aku lg cntk kot,nape gmbr bgegar?buang duit je beb beli kamera mhl2".Haha..During that time, i'm bit lost my confidence. haha..then, i attend a photography class organized by En. Wahab. He is the photography lover with some wicked and short head.hehe.. There, i learned the actual way of photoshoot. Here i share u some tips:-

If you in the Dark Area:
Make sure your ISO around 800 or 1600.
Aperture set to lowest one: 5
Shutter Speed: Around 60 - 100

If you in Bright and light Area
Make sure your ISO around 200 or 400.
Aperture set to lowest one: 7.1 - 9
Shutter Speed: Around 100- 160

The Curse of photography
This is the result of my first photoshoot at KLIA, this picture blurry. Since i don't set any aperture,ISO and Shutter speed. During this time: "I hate DSLR"

The satisfaction of photoShoot
This is the result of my second photoshoot at Genting Highland, the day after i learn the basic of photoshoot.Hehe. I love Photography (Nikon)hehe.

And now, i'm on my way learn more and more about photography. Luckily, i have my chance to test my technique at my cousin's wedding on 31 May and 16 June. I hope i may get more experience, then someday i could be a better photographer. And to people out there, u should give a try of it. It's truly fun.Process of learning won't stop, until the end of our life. As that, get as much knowledge as u can get. Future Professional Photographer wannabe(hehe)-Shah Redza Rosli.


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