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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Alhamdullillah, Praise to Him for His sincerity to letting I’m alive in islam, the best prize ever in my life. I like to share something interesting to all you regarding my Final Year Project (FYP) presentation. Just now, I and Farhan as my project partner have been struggling in two weeks in a row in order to complete a project of Ball Beam Balancing Robot within time range. In our project, it consists of four parts which are Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic and Software part. Alhamdulillah, He makes our progress work easier. With an effort, we manage to complete Mechanical and Electrical. In mechanical parts, it consists of beam, a stand and base. We use Servo Motor C55R as our motor of electrical part. In electronic part, we bought servo motor driver and locate it at back of the stand. On top of driver, we located PIC board and use PIC16F877A. We used two power regulator boards of 12 Volts and 5 volts as power supply. Unfortunately, we can’t manage to complete the wiring of project. But, we dare to say that we complete our project to 60%. Yes! It such a success for us from Allah s.w.t!

But, there some unexpected incident before my presentation. Before entering my session, I’ve asked one of my friend to take our pictures, and of course with my project. Suddenly, I’ve heard “Wei,xpyhla nk amek gambar, bukannya korang boleh dapat A pun!!”. We've heard the voices from the other side of building. So, i think you can predict how loud of the voice.

meet Farhan, my project partner:)

Then, u knows who is the one yelling like that? It’s a lecturer! A lecturer behaves like that? For me, even a single word is pray. Then, how was a lecturer are easily to talk like that? Yes, it’s really insulting, since it’s in front many of my fellow friends. Ya Rabi, Ya Rahman, please open his heart, change his attitude. This is not the way, if he want to make a joke, then it should be a proper way. Not like this. But, It’s ok, since all of decision just from Allah s.w.t. I do believe Allah s.w.t will give a same reward as what we struggle. InsyaAllah, the change are only because of Allah s.w.t. As that;

May we see again
Shah Redza Rosli

4 komen:


good english...naseb baek belaja MFI.
pahamlah jugak BI ni..hehe.

how dare the lecturer said like that?
jadikan tu motivasi...
buktikan pada dia bila FINAL PRESENTATION nanti.


fArhAnA said...

wow..speechless..aggrieved if there is a lecture like that. because it is unexpected! :(

Syarifah Nornazrah Al Yahya said...

kadang2, lecture ni susah kita nak nilai. main tempelak ikut ske jer...

sabo la ye...jnji kita tau pe kita wat...dia nak kutuk ke..apa ke..biaq pi arr

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