The land of awesomeness.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,
In the name of Allah, most Gracious, Most Merciful,

Their reward with Allah will be gardens of perpetual residence beneath which rivers flow, therein they will abide forever, Allah being pleased wiht them and they with Him. That is for whoever has feared his Lord"-Al Bayyinah 98:8

Oh, i've miss to update my blog, as i can say this "blog full with spider web". huhu. "The land of awesomeness"- Suhaila Mohamad. Kak Su, don't be mad at me since i used your quote without permission.

 Is this paradise? Oh, just world. In hereafter even more better

Verily, our beginning chapter of life begins at Paradise, the real land of awesomeness. A world full of fortune, angels, grace, and so much then without any restrictions and hold. We are far from poverty, hunger, struggle, and hectic life as we currently on it. In paradise. we can live life to the fullest, enjoying the feast without doubt. It was so Amazing~~

Just, a price of eternal life in land of awesomeness wont cost low since the reward just too expensive! Let us view an efforts and sacrifices did by our beloved Rasullah p.b.u.h and his companions during their life in this just world ever. They struggle to spread the word of Truth, by realized an effects they had faced as being tortured, grounded, isolated, hunger, and so on. As that, let us view things happened in current situation. Who ever try to be better muslim, for sure they need to struggle a lots. In reverse, crowds nowadays seems like to feel comfort if people change to even worse. We look at "Artist"

Nowadays, it seems look so normal for artist to show their body part (aurat) to the public in such irrelevant and disgusting magazine such as Mangga. Without hold a shame, newspapers currently get used to published some of artist's personal affair for increasing their sale. More sadly some statement from artist:-

"Alhamdulillah, i'm able to fulfill a role as actress in bed-acts confession".

What is this? Don't we feel the responsibility toward our ummah?
A real muslim who aware this current situation would feel so embarrass, shame, pity, anger and in whole feel toward this uncertainties. If we don't feel it and just "OK", i think we really need to review, and renew of our inner path so called "iman". "Iman" couldn't be pass, or obtained by a son from his loyal servant to Allah of father. To have such utmost felt toward our Creator, we must through a practical of submission as to care our prayer, commingling, words and others. Then next, with His permission we could be even better muslim, slave, vicegerents called as "Rabbani individual".

Nevertheless, this "land of awesomeness" seem to be a sweetest dream ever without an actipn. It wouldn't never be ours just by saying it, because we have to do it. Not for our deeds, or others, but an action intended just for our beloved and only Creator. 

My land of awesomeness. [credit]
Gladly, i praised to Allah for giving me such a precious opportunity to felt "a little view on land of awesomeness". Where did i get such felt? It's all by being a teacher and ikhwah. Being teacher at Sri Ayesha Islamic School really made my day. I've felt the responsibilities toward the ummah, yet i'm enjoyed to join all my students with laugh and joy. hoho. Oh, to be a part of ikhwah, as i can called "maybe a Daie, i repeat, maybe myself as Daie", never come across to my mind.  Committing myself to have a meeting objectively educate others toward better understanding and view of islam, being Aqsa Syarif activist, giving remembrance (tazkirah) in sometime, shared some islamic value, awareness in muslim's issue, politics, economy, and others was just too exciting and fascinating! Seriously. I really in deep love on this, and i should called this as my passion and interest. This is my land of awesomeness.

And,how about you? ngee~~

May we be better servant to Allah, among of His best creations ever.
Let's shift our paradigm, and spread the love (I lend Abdul fattah's quote) hoho..

Wallahualam. Only Allah knows better.

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